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Micro-Blading & Micro-Pigmentation

  • Introduction to micro-blading and micro-pigmentation……. layer of skin function and skin exfoliation process
  • Safety and sanitization of instruments and consumables(blood borne pathogens, cross contamination)
  • Consumables used in mpg & Micro-blading – Gloves, sterillization spray, anaesthetic films, tray, gauze
  • Procedure room preparation
  • Machine technology knowledge and understanding of machines used in cosmetic practice, needle, and rotator analogs…..needle
  • Medication interaction and medical condition of clients 
  • how to identify potential client and do the consultation 
  • Consent forms 
  • post op care 
  • Pre op precaution and contraindication
  • video demo

Basic brow pattern blade control, angle and pigment placement, sketches, how to assess the depth (3 basic Pattern) which brow suits particular types how do we use the machine while practice on skin simulation – Q & A

  • Color theory : color wheel, color retention color undertone & over tones
  • Pigment chart, Color mixing 
  • Fitzpatrick skin types
  • Practice on live models
  • Home work
  • How to do work touch up
  • practice session 
  • students work on live model, Q & a session 
  • Exam 
  • Attendance certificate


Micro-blading and micro-pigmentation is a growing fields in aesthetic practice and beauty industry professionals take advantage of this minimally invasive procedure micro-blading is used to reconstruct and reshape eyebrows and SMP offers a good solution for linear surgical scars in the donor area of hair transplant patients and in alopecia areas patients

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