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Hair Transplant

  • Hands on training

  • List of equipment and brand required to set up a clinic


  • Introduction to HT, Anatomy of hair and scalp…..
  • Hair types in different ethnicity and rules
  • Type of hair loss
  • Scarring and Non scarring alopecia
  • Consultation of patient, selection of patient , pre-operative care and post-op care and outcome
  • Patient evaluation , medical mgmt , surgical mgmt and procedure plan indicate and side effects
  • Local anesthesia and Sedation techniques
  • Donor area preparation
  • Graft placement area preparation
  • How to increase density & survival rate of graft
  • complication in HT
  • Body hair transplant
  • Moustache & beard transplant
  • Hair transplant in scars
  • Sideburn transplant
  • Q&A
  • Video demonstration
  • How to set up and run hair restoration practice


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Dr. Chandrashekhar will discuss treatment options. This could range from non-invasive therapies to more advanced procedures like hair transplants, Hair Treatments depending on your individual needs and preferences.

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